i'm angry to my fadher

aduhhh ..... today I was very tired, because so much work from school. I hope all these tasks are useful and add value for me .. that all the tasks I'm doing tasks that are not useless and I do it with sincerity in order to be rewarded. already had he, cape ... really!
good night all .

dear diary,
These days I am very very happy because all I did was not useless
night night for me to memorize the IPS will be repeated the next day, and the test was running smoothly, all of which I memorized last night was all there in the test questions.
and one great value! Emmmpp ..my joy!!.

I recently always imagined past, I remember when my father was still open stores in Cibaduyut, there I was playing with friends ... friends ... uuhhh he exclaimed when the subject lived there!!

This day I lay in bed, because I was sick, his illness had no signs, aduuuhh hot .. my body, my head dizzy ... really, hufht .. I hope this pain does not continue long. because later will be much missed lessons at school.

recently, always rain, rain I come home from school, school bags, books, shoes all .. wetness.
especially rain makes the body becomes less healthy. ya allah .. I hope you always continue to give health untuku. Aamiieen

mm ..........
Valentine's Day this time I was very sad, because no one had congratulated me ..!!! Valentine's Day
what else is giving chocolate does not exist at all!

mm ..,,
sad .... sad ... sad!
today I was really happy ... so, can meet a good brother .. banget .. do not feel we have not seen six months .. he's really close to my brother with me, he's where I vent, he's where I'd snitch all the problems, he was always there for me .. ya allah .. we may not destined for the separation.

sad ... sad ... sad ....
today I was really sad, I get angry my father, I do not accept me at my father scold, till until I nangis.semoga incident does not happen again.: '(

mm ...
These days my family all gathered at Grandma's house, there really is a lot of activities, from the beginning to make an ashtray out of clay, cassava planting trees, feeding chickens, picking green beans.
busy .............. it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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